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Shielded metal arc welding of heavy-duty structures as ships, vehicles, buildings and bridges made of mild steel. For all-position welding of heavy-duty structures.
Characteristics on usage
- B-14 is an ilmenite type covered electrode designed for better usability and weld ability. It is suitable for butt or fillet welding in all positions for thin or thicker plate (1.6 to 2.0mm).
- In horizontal fillet welding, slag covering and bead uniformity are good and bead appearance is beautiful.
- Its usability in vertical or overhead welding is best among ilmenite type electrodes.
- Due to good X-ray soundness and mechanical properties, B-14 is used for skill testing and competition by choice.
Notes on usage
- Pay attention not to exceed the range of proper currents. Welding with excessive current not only lower X-ray soundness, but also causes increase of spatter, undercut and insufficient slag covering.
- Dry the electrodes at 70-100° C for 30-60 minutes before use. Excessive moisture absorption lower usability and may result in some porosities.
- Excessive drying before use causes less penetration and overheating of the electrode.
- Medium or heavy thick plate should be welded under proper preheating and interpass temperature.

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