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Available Size: 8" & 10"

Sealed Bonnet

Having a sealed bonnet with an O-ring, prevents rain water or external atmosphere from entering the bonnet, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 72 can be safelly used outdoors.

Sealed Indicator

Because a clear indicator gauge protects the exposed metallic part on top of the stem against atmosphere, corrosive gas or fluid does not of the valve.

Position Indication

The position indicator also shows the degree of the valve position.


PT. Abadi Gemilang Perkasa menyediakan ready-stock untuk diaphragm valve dengan spesifikasi sbb:

  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi T ype-14, UPVC/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, PVDF/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • DIaphragm Valve ASahi Type-72, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged

Selain tipe diatas, stock terbatas untuk ukuran tertentu saja. Waktu inden adalah: 2-5 minggu

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14: ukuran 1/2" sampai 4"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15: ukuran 5" & 6"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-72: ukuran 8" & 10" 


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DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 72(200,250mm)[8,10inch]
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