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Available Size: 1/2" ~ 4"

Excellent Sealing Property

The DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 uses a high quality rubber material,exhibiting lower compressive strain, for its diaphragm and cushion,resulting optimum sealing performance.

Tight Seal at Low Torque

Using dynamic analysis by CAE, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 is designed so that pressure is distributed evenly.This design allows the hand wheel torque be reduced and maintain shutt off at low torque.

Easier Maintenance

A bayonet mechanism, provided between the diaphragm and compressor, allows the diaphragm to be replaced easily.

Bottom Stand for Easy Support

Having a new bottom stand with an insert hole, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 helps support the piping. The valve is also provided with a flange stand to increase installation safety.

Built-in Travel Stop

DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 contains a revolutionary travel stop mechanism protecting the diaphragm.

Visual Indicator

A color indicator clearly shows whether the valve is fully open, half open, or fully closed. Because the indicator enters the handle,going out of view when the valve fully closes, the operator can know at glance valve position.



PT. Abadi Gemilang Perkasa menyediakan ready-stock untuk diaphragm valve dengan spesifikasi sbb:

  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi T ype-14, UPVC/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, PVDF/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • DIaphragm Valve ASahi Type-72, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged

Selain tipe diatas, stock terbatas untuk ukuran tertentu saja. Waktu inden adalah: 2-5 minggu

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14: ukuran 1/2" sampai 4"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15: ukuran 5" & 6"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-72: ukuran 8" & 10" 


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DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 (15-100mm)[1/2-4inch]
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