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Shielded metal arc welding vehicles, building and other general structures made of mild steel. For all-position welding of general structures.
Characteristics on usage
- B-10 is an ilmenite type covered electrode, which is designed for better usability to be suitable for butt or fillet welding in all positions for thin or thicker plate (106 to 2.0mm) due to wide range of the electrode sizes.
- In particular, it is hard to cause slag inclusion and lustrous bead can be obtained due to stable slag covering in flat welding.
- The penetration is deeper compared with high titania and lime titania type electrodes.
- It is suitable for welding joint where better penetration is required even for a thin plate.
Notes on usage
- Pay attention not to exceed the range of proper currents. Welding with excessive current not only lower X-ray soundness, but also causes increase of spatter, undercut and insufficient slag covering.
- Dry the electrodes at 70-100° C for 30-60 minutes before use. Excessive moisture absorption lower usability and may result in some porosities.
- Excessive drying before use causes less penetration and overheating of the electrode.
- Medium or heavy thick plate should be welded under proper preheating and interpass temperatures.

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