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Available size: 5" & 6"

Improved outside sealing ability

By means of 3D CAD/CAE analysis, Type 15 diaphragm valve has increased body thickness. ln addition, usnig the elastomer that has high impact resilience, the sealing ability of valve is improved against high temperature changes.

Easier to operate

In order to reduce frictional force, material and shape of sliding parts are redesigned. Also improved hand wheel design allows for easy operation.



PT. Abadi Gemilang Perkasa menyediakan ready-stock untuk diaphragm valve dengan spesifikasi sbb:

  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi T ype-14, UPVC/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14, PVDF/PTFE, JIS10K Flanged
  • Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged
  • DIaphragm Valve ASahi Type-72, UPVC/EPDM, JIS10K Flanged

Selain tipe diatas, stock terbatas untuk ukuran tertentu saja. Waktu inden adalah: 2-5 minggu

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-14: ukuran 1/2" sampai 4"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-15: ukuran 5" & 6"

Diaphragm Valve Asahi Type-72: ukuran 8" & 10" 


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DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 15(125,150mm)[5,6inch]
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