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Full Bore Ball Valve


This model is for general application, and usable for 
many kinds of industries(chemical, petrochemical, steel and others.)

  • Rectangular top stem to prevent misoperation
  • Standard "Maxtite PTFE" that give longer service life. Other materials can be selected depending on application
  • Fire safe construction (Anti-blow out stem, secondary metal touch, metal touch ball seal)
  • Anti-static device for releasing the remaining static electricity (Optional) 
  • Gland packing combined with stem bearing, and can get a perfectly seal and can keep it. And it is able to progress durability.
  • Key rock device can rock at Full Open and Full Close position, and it can be protected mis-operation completely


Production Range

Connection Rating : JIS 10K, ASME 150#
Size : 15A(1/2")~300A(12")
Material : SCS13A, SCS14A, SCS16A, A216‐WCB, FCD450, FC200, etc

Connection Rating : JIS 20K, ASME 300#
Size : 15A(1/2")~250A(10")
Material : SCS13A, SCS14A, SCS16A, A216‐WCB, etc

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Full Bore Ball Valve
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